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Mokobi 2Remember!

2Remember the “whole picture” - not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time.
2Remember meetings, memos, work, lists, licenses, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards, tax notices, bills, contracts, tickets, travel docs and many more.

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The problem: Too many things to remember, too many places to keep them…

• Personal docs, bills, invoices, contracts, memos, lists, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards and many more;
• No common way or place to keep important things;
• Often we forget at all or can not remember in time.

The Solution: Mokobi 2Remember
• 2Remember the “whole picture” - not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time;
• 2Remember quickly describe and easily discover multitude of memories through years, locations, persons and meaning;
• 2Remember organize, connect and visualize thousands of memories over the map and on a timeline;
• 2Remember securely keeps memories in smartphone or in Mokobi Memory Server (Pro version).

Use Cases
• Meeting memos – Remember each sketch, text, pictures, audio and text notes of your meetings. Share with participants;
• Digital copy of important documents - Shoot images of your ID cards, licenses, certificates, deeds, warranty cards, contracts, offers etc. Keep them always with you, use or share them if necessary;
• Recall on time important documents related to your car, home, work - for example: replacing supplies at certain mileage or time; renewal of contracts and subscriptions.

Do you want 2Remember? Here’s the deal:
• Fully functional free service;
• We does not analyze your memories in order to show ads.

More information:
Mokobi 2Remember! - 2Remember website
2Remember - Support forum
Mokobi - About Mokobi
https://www.facebook.com/2Remember.mobi - 2Remember on Facebook
https://twitter.com/2RememberMobi - 2Remember on Twitter

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2Remember: The different and better way to remember!

Nowadays, we are overwhelmed by lots of documents in different categories related to personal and professional life - as (non-exhaustive list): personal docs, bills, invoices, contracts, memos, lists, certificates, ID cards etc. To memorize them is important for reasons like book-keeping, business and private life organization, trip planning etc.

Taking notes is the most popular way, but it is a question of personal accuracy. Often is difficult to find and get access to important documents on the right time due to chaotic storage, defective media, incompatible file formats, etc. In addition, chaotic storage leads important deadlines oversight (e.g. bill payments, contract renewal or termination, etc.).

The way offered by existing solutions is to use rich format notes – combination of text, audio, photo and video. 2Remember works in slightly different way – focusing on the memory point of view.

Memory is not only the content - documents, photos, videos, audio and text, but also the connections to other memories, participants, tags, locations, events and so on. That is the most important contribution of 2Remember – the possibility to remember not only the content but also the accompanying details in automatic or semi-automatic way.

Many of the existing solutions for organizing notes do not guarantee the confidentiality of user data because their business model requires analysis of personal information supporting focused advertising. In contrast, 2Remember does not profile his customers even in the free app.

Au2Remember – Personal Logbook. Automatically remembers today: Phone calls, SMS, Events.

• Phone Calls – In/Out/Missed/Rejected (record when and where)
• SMS – Sent/Received/Content (remember when and where)
• New events in your calendar (remember when the event was created)

• Automatic memories precision and location improvements
• Performance increase
• Visual improvements
• Web help
• Android 4.3 support

2Remember: Memories and notes

• Tablet support
• New “map” theme
• More automatic memories: New/Modified/Deleted Contacts
• Bug fixes

2 Remember: Memories and notes

• Web interface for memories organization, search and visualize at: https://my.2remember.mobi
• Synchronization with Memory cloud (beta)
• Mail interface – memorize important mails. Send mails to your unique 2Remember address
• See full list of features and use cases at: 2Remember: Remember Memories, Take Notes

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