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Version 4.1

  • popup icon helps to updating weather data faster (BETA)
  • possibility of changing the size and visibility of text in notification
  • bugfix display wallpaper on the home screen
  • fix errors, bugs, wrong pressure data
  • full support of the original data weather provider (CustomWeather)
  • new types of data - Beaufort scale, state of the air
  • processing of notice (added new types of alerts)
  • new option (general weather alert)
  • new backgrounds (you must to download them again)
  • new graphics in some sections
  • coloured icons in menu (can be disabled in settings)
  • processing of graphs (transparent, highlighting the current time, the next section)
  • added new maps - earthquake, universal map
  • new section - satellite images
  • several options display data in lists
  • possibility to change the text size of certain elements
  • bug fix rotation during the update
  • faster overview of the latest updates
  • redesign splash screen
  • larger amounts of data in notifications
  • added option to display images of weather on widgets (the user must set up a semi-transparent background and other graphical elements or completely transparent widget under widget background color)
  • updated display errors background wallpaper, fixed display mode (fully functional display background images)
  • new type of warning (highlight the threats are defined by the user, only for PRO users)
  • warning notices contained more options (must be set again, because many things have changed)
  • the data in hour / day section shows depending on the current time
  • new options in the settings: Colorful icons, an extension of the current section Data, Text Size, General notes, Downloaded MB usage
  • improved image quality webcams
  • more options data display widget
  • delineation higher quality background images and resize the widget after widget (4.2 and higher)
  • optimization application
  • better quality of application icon

UNIWeather changelog 4.1

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