Free API for airfares


I’m looking for free API to get flight fares … it seems that it is always necessary to be travel agents or affiliates (by paying a fee to have the key usage).

For example: Kayak no longer offers the API, their site has an HTTP GET request but is then blocked because it detects a connection from bot / robot (ie not via browser).
Skyscanner isn’t free and provides API
Google Flights sounds interesting but sending via HTTP POST requires an MD5 digest that does not seem so easy to obtain via app

Do you have any suggestions or experience with this?

thank you very much

I have looked into it in the past, and basically you need to subscribe to the big travel data providers such as Sabre and Galileo. They are very expensive (like $5k to setup, plus $1k per year), and the integration is very complex, and obviously it’s not something you would do directly on a mobile app: you would do it on a private server, and then the mobile app would access that server to get the needed data.

Regarding your initial question (free API), I dont know, but I havent looked into this recently (last couple years).

Now using API applications interface. We are offering free API development services for airfares to everyone. Feel free to use the data and build your application. I would just like to ask you if you are using our data for something interesting, then please let us know about it. Thanks!