[FREE] [ANDROID APP] Crypto Capitalist - Idle Game

Welcome aboard! Do you like CryptoCurrencies? Ever heard of Bitcoin mining or Satoshi?

Have you always dreamed of owning bitcoins? One of those who wants digital assets for themselves? Then Crypto Capitalist is the game just for YOU!

Start the game by playing BTC Miner. Keep using that finger and tap, tap, tap until you can afford to pay for your own miners. The more money you gain the more you can buy. You can hire your own employees, buy upgrades and double your profit. By doing so, you attract more and more programmers to join you and boost your profits!

It’s a free tap game. The theme is about bitcoins, digital assets that we usually read online. They talk about bitcoins, Ripple, Ethereum, Lite coin, blockchains and more. It’s not an actual bitcoin mining but it’s a clicker game and it’s free.

Experience one of the best idle game ever! Be the idle hero of cryptopia! Be a bitcoin mining tycoon now!

Download Crypto Capitalist