Applock: the bodyguard of your privacy.
The top 1 issue that most mobile users had should be security. The smartphone contains more and more private data in nowadays. When handing over the phone to other people, they may view the photos or emails, browse the website with mobile data, or the kids mess up the settings on your phone and download games whatever they want. AppLock can prevent all these chaos.
APPLOCK is the*#1 App lock in over 50 countries with Over 300 Million users, supports 32 languages. Selected by Android Authority asone of the 15 best android free apps of 2017. “The app itself is a simple, but powerful app that allows you to lock your apps up tight with passwords so that snooping eyes can’t see them. This is great if you have nosy roommates, kids, or if you just want some piece of mind.”
Put a lock on important apps
AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.
Hide photos and videos
AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Hidden pictures and videos vanish from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. Protect private memories easily. No pin, no way.
Random keyboard: prevent other people peeping the password.
AppLock has a random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. No more worry people may peep the pin or pattern. Safer!
More feature
• Well designed Themes

• Customized background, select a favorite picture
• Customized Profiles: set different locked app groups, change lock quickly
• Time Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to time
• Location Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to location
• Hide AppLock icon
• Advanced Protection: prevent AppLock being killed by task killer
• Fingerprint、Force stopped cover
• Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, sync)
• AppLock widget: enable/disable AppLock with one tap
• Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids
• Lock Google Play to prevent buy games
• Allow a brief exit: no need password, pattern, fingerprint again within set time
• Prevent uninstalling apps
• Low memory usage.
• Power saving mode to save battery
Try it now:

We live in competitive environment and some may abuse your data by mnaking you harm. Besides, it’s simply psychologically necessary to keep a distance for your personal life without superfluous explanations - therefore this application is the ideal solution for such cases.

I wanted to add that the huge installation indicator let us think that app’s really worth your attention and is reliable one for ironing the issues conected with your security.

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