[Free Action Game] ArcAround

We d like to introduce you our new game.

Free… Fast… Exciting… Endless gameplay…
Attractive minimal design… !!!

It is simple. Your only purpose is to keep the ball
into the circle by moving the …ArcAround.

Do you think it is easy ???

Just Try It !!!

Compare your scores with your friends in LEADERBOARD (added in v 2.1)

***** Any REAL Reviews will be exchanged as soon as possible *****


Find it here.

My review here JumblyApps

I have reviewed your app please do the same with my app :
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minfo.ridethewheelCapture decran 2016-02-14 a 20.32.18.jpg

I can t see the link. Send me your review name and your app if you want review exchange [emoji4]

Click on the ‘JumblyApps’ after the ‘My review here’. I’m not really bothered about exchanging reviews, I create my own review as it adds more links in to the system, and Google likes links - the more you have, the better it goes!