[Free]A Beautiful Drawing Application for doodling to kill time when bored

Hey guys,
Pretty new here. Been a lurker for a while(no shame, learned lots).
Designed a beautiful application for drawing after trying others which felt like i was still using android 2.3. Give it a shot and provide some feedback.
Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitshakr.drawit



  • Do you have layers ?
  • Maybe replace “butt dialing a coworker” to something else (may get flagged by Google) - also would be easier to translate into other languages “mistakenly dialing”

Currently searching on Google Play for “draw it drawing app” does not turn up your app in top many results - but this should change, since you seem to have the right keywords in your title. Though I don’t know if Google starts to discount use of common words (or if there is much competition for those keywords).

Also use of Draw and Drawing may not be giving you more visibility (?) - IF Google considers both as similar words (i.e. if search for “drawing” turns up apps with “draw” in the title) - in that case you are wasting space in title - maybe add another keyword. You can change title for apps and see results of change on rankings/downloads etc.

Additionally, I don’t know if “App” helps or not - though I suspect many users may put “App” in search (naively) - however if Google considers that a “common” word to ignore then would be wasting that space also … (anyone have comments on this ?)

Current name:
Draw it! Drawing App

alternative names:
Draw It and Paint
Sketch It Draw or Paint
Layered Draw and Paint (if you support layered draw/paint)

Hey this is awesome Insight. Thanks a lot!

Trying “Draw it! Paint and Sketch” thoughts?