[FREE] 4Force Online

A cool new game 4Force Online
★★★ Introducing 4Force Online ★★★

Battle EPIC giant monster boss!
A PVP combat of Troll, barbarian, dwarf, and knight players and an action adventure game to hunt giant boss monsters.
Select the right group for you!
• Diverse plays with the four distinctive groups(Troll, Barbarian, Dwarf, Knight), with its unique characteristics
• A teleportation function within the same user camp through the flag icon
• Friends finder & a registration function

Be strong through hunting and combat experience!
• Build your own characteristics through various animal hunting and boss raid combats
• A real-time combat and hunt in a cooperation with your camp users

Be prepared for boss raids!
• A real-time combat with boss monsters according to difficulty levels (normal, hard, secret)
• Parties among users and a reward system to hunt boss monster

Grow up yourself with a pet!
• Specialized pets to each group in order to assist combats.
• An automatic pet growth system while combating together.
Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hanaGames.ForceOnline

Requires Android: 2.3 and up
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.

Quite amazing game, and the graphics are also amazing, I would definitely like to have it.

grapic wise its nice

Yeah, the Graphics are amazing.