free - 3D Functions Graph Plotter plotter

We just released our new app called 3d Functions Graph plotter.

Downloads are very slow and we don’t know why.

This app - 3D Functions Graph plotter can render functions in 3D space. This free app can generate graphs to represent functions defined using a function in the form f(x,y) or parmaterical surfaces defined as x=fx(u,v), y=fy(u,v), z=fz(u,v) as well as spherical coordinates and cylindrical coordinates.

Anyone any ideas.

Link to it on the google play store is:

Yes, i got an idea. You probably have done nothing promotion related. :stuck_out_tongue:
But it looks quite nice to me. I gave you 5* and a +1 as mbr.

This is my app. I got kind of the same problem :frowning: Please rate as well

Its a fun app you made I just gave it 5* and +1 as well