Forums forums forums and more forums look here

Ok Guys I see everyone posting forums, 2 killer domains are available right now that would be perfect domains for forums

by the way I snagged up <–killer Domain Name

Excellent snag!! I will help with promoting your android market. We need a market by developers for developers!!

Nice domains, these new extensions are interesting :wink:

Market for by developers for developers? Trololo… market is for users.

Its a saying in the US. Basically it means controlled by independent people rather than large corporations.

I havent decided what to do with yet, im kinda mad i had in my checkout but when i went to pay it says domain got taken so I came real close to getting as well. I think i might try to sell I can probably get $1000 for the domain. Still trying to buildup right now

After .market domain begining, I searched for but it was protected :wink: