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[li]Last but not least… Have Fun![/li]Android Development can be lots of fun, especially when you share the experience with fellow devs. Hopefully by engaging with the community here you can all get a bit of enjoyment & motivation to keep up the good work!

If you fail to respect these rules, appropriate action will be taken. This may result in your account being restricted or banned, and posts being removed from the forum.

If you fail to have fun, your account may suffer detrimental effects including gloominess and an overabundance of Tim Burton.

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Reporting Inappropriate Stuff
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[li]If you feel further action is necessary, please contact a moderator rather than posting about the issue publicly.[/li][li]Talking about a general topic (e.g. “overuse of push notifications”) is fine. People can have a useful discussion about this. However, identifying a particular app or developer is usually not appropriate.[/li][/ul]

Prohibited Content
In order to prevent wide-spread spam, the following topics are not allowed. Please refrain from posting any threads on these topics, and if you have any questions contact us for clarification.
[li]Selling of virtual credit cards (CVV).[/li][li]Selling usernames or passwords for other services, or dumps from website hacks.[/li][/ul]

These guidelines are intended to keep the discussion on-topic, friendly and informative for all involved.

Why is there so few likes? This website is by far the most informative android site on the internet. Its the only one deticated to making money rather than just promoting your apps. I wish I thought of this.

I’ll follow all rules of the forums. Thanks a lot of this post…

I’ll follow all rules of the forums. Thanks a lot of this post…


Post a reply to the thread: Forum Rules

Just now I have entered,

I will follow the rules and I am struggling to find a Button from where I can post my own thread here, I am a BHW member and now want to join this community as it is more into my niche of android development and making money out of the apps.

please help me post a new thread into the forum.


I understood.

ok… I will remmember that rules.

Thank you admin. i will sure follow all given rules.


I followed the rules but my post still won’t show up.

Well, I would say what’s the use of rules ? I have seen a bulk of spam over the forum Check over this page: Android Devices I don’t have time to report them individually but @Admin I guess there’s a need of moderation team over your forum because there are number of spammy and promotional post over here. I totally respect the rules shared by you but I guess there’s a need of clean up !

dear administrator~why was my thread successfully posted yet it isn’t shown on the forum? plz kindly check~~thanks a lot :slight_smile:

exactly!! why is that?!!

Guys, this forum is runned by 1 guy -David (from what i know at least) and he probably has his hands full with other projects and can’t keep an eye whats going on here. I think its best to send a direct message if you have a problem with this form HERE .I DO agree that some treads are pure spam and have no place in this forum

I didnt check this forum for a while. From what I can see now, it looks too spammy. Everywhere a lot of themes in non-english language. A lot of spammy post, including even on this thread post #10
I think its time to do some moderations… It has chnged significantly from the time when I was active here, and I count myself from those who was here from the beginning and now it seems like you don’t care about it anymore @david

Thank you for the guidelines!