For an App Consumer, would this be considered annoying? - Hosting images on a server

Greetings! I’ve been lurking around this forum for a bit, so I thought why not ask this question to you guys.

Hopefully this is the correct section. My apologies if it isn’t - it’s more geared towards feedback/opinions of a function of my app.

Basically, I am making a tutorial app for an outdoor sport. This tutorial app features a lot of text content (about 150 pages in MS word), and as a result, a lot of image content to go with it.


I am projecting that I will be using about ~300 pictures in this app, that’s roughly 100 mb of space. Seems excessive for a hobby app.


I am thinking about hosting my images on an internet server, so that my app will remain light. I already do this with my video clip demonstrations.

Therefore, if you aren’t using mobile data/wifi on my app, you will only see text. No images.

Will This Be Annoying?

Here’s a crude example of a layout of my app: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

In my text, I tend to reference the below pictures. So, if you aren’t using wifi/data, you may be confused because the pictures aren’t there. Also when you are outside, you are almost exclusively using data. Would that be an issue for some people?

Maybe I should put in a place holder in the area of these pictures that say “turn on wifi/data to see picture” when internet connection is not on? That could be a possible idea (I am a very amateur programmer).

What I Like About This Method

Along with keeping the app light, this also keeps users from turning off wifi/data. The app is free, and I’ve been finagling with it on/off for 2-3 years, so more reasons to keep wifi on and having the ads on the screen would be a great reward.

If you were wondering - the number of ads and ad the placements themselves aren’t too intrusive. And I am also making a version with no ads.


Pretending to be an average app consumer, would putting ~300 pictures on an internet server for an app, making the content somewhat difficult to follow if not using wifi, be considered annoying?

Thanks in advance!