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Guys I know everyone here wants to get alot of money with their ads.and I see alot of hate because of the ad networks not giving that much…but you cant complain if you make $30-100 a day.I mean if you make this your living the dream, which is money without lifting a finger.some people work 1week for a $100 lets be grateful that we actually get $ a day. It could be a penny or $10 money is money. :slight_smile:

Well maybe and thank you for your opinion but this all depends what country you live in, for example I am American and $100 a day really doesn’t cut it. However, as an American I like to think I know how to appeal to an American audience so I think this gives me a competitive advantage in my market. So use whatever you have that gives you an advantage an most importantly, be original!

It’s not without lifting a finger. I don’t know how others do, but I work full time on updating old apps, creating new, implementing new SDKs, porting apps to new markets, marketing, graphics, user support, finding freelancers for some small tasks etc.

“without lifting a finger”? I don’t know how do you think we work. But we sure spend a lot of time and effort in our work.

without lifting a finger?? your kidding ,right? this job damage the brain because of the amount of focus it needs.
and we have the right to complain if an ad network stole money from us or not paying on time.

everybody is entitled to their own opinion but your opinion here is wrong man… this is hard work if you do it right, if its a hobby and you make the 10 bucks a day you are talking about - good for you and enjoy it

i’m not talking about a hobby, im talking about a main job, it needs a lot of mental effort, so we deserve what we earn

by the way i make more than 10 buck a day (if you were talking about me)

in my country, $100 per day is totally AWESOME and dreamlike…
the truth is, for the time being, just $10 per day is just awesome too.

in fact, i think i only make $2-$3 per day.
really suck.

but here, i can buy a food with that $2.
yeah my country is really cheap if we compared it to yours, so this passive income is so great for me

i was talking about the OP

wow. I have a main job and do this as a secondary job. But i put in way more time developing apps because it requires it. I have not had the same return (hours vs pay) because its totally different than my day job. But having spent thousands of hours working on these apps i deserve the right to say anything i want about the ad networks (within reason). When they are the part of the system that drops the ball its very frustrating. Implementing different ad networks is a pain in the ass and a very big leap of faith. The faith being the new network and if it will pay

I am not sure a lot of ad networks realize the amount of man hours involved to re-spin a whole library of apps. One screw up on their side and i am guaranteed to have to spend dozens of hours spanning many nights and weekends working on my apps. This totally kills any schedule for my new app development or scheduled updates.

Hell i am trying to figure out where i am going to next due to startapp revenue dropping like a rock. I am fulfilling my side (and more) of the bargain and sending hundreds of thousands of impressions their way to each month with a monthly increase in clicks. But they aren’t doing their part and paying for anything decent for them. This month (so far*) i am down to 20% of what i made a few months ago.

We all know the beginning of the year is always hard on us, but this is getting stupid and lasting for way too long. Last year it was about 3 weeks of bad revenue then back up. This year its coming up on 8 weeks of worse and worse revenue.

I hate to say it but i am “almost” in the conspiracy camp that they are using the beginning of the year low revenue to hide that they are padding their wallets and not paying us our full share. We have all seen ad networks get greedy in the past and destroy their companies doing this very thing.

Might just give startapp an extra week before i leave. Manly due to my schedule and not having the time to jump to another network.

OK done with my rant for at least the next couple of weeks. :rolleyes:

where are you from ?

i have adhd and now im over focused opening admob reports every 30 minutes. :slight_smile:

relax man, that will get you a heart attack:) check once a day or less, focus on promoting/making more apps instead

Dont feel bad. I do the same thing with my developer dashboard