Food to France?

I’m sure this has been discussed somewhere here before but my search hasn’t found it so far, so with apologies…

We plan a trip to France, and are aware there are restrictions on bringing food in, fish/products apparently being allowed, meat/products not so.

We normally travel with a pre-cooked evening meal in the caravan fridge for easy eating on the first night, then shop locally on day two.
In practice, do the customs people look inside fridges in caravans? Or is it just not worth the risk? There’s no joy in falling foul of them, especially at the very start of the holiday.


Hey! Just stumbled upon your post and wanted to share my thoughts. Your idea of bringing pre-cooked Bolognaise sounds tasty and convenient. And having a few fish packs and tins as backups is a smart move in case you can’t find a shop right away. Just make sure we keep this little secret about customs from any nice officials who might be reading here! By the way, that story about the public figure and the irony with the “sole purpose of visit” is pretty funny. It’s interesting to see how things can get lost in translation sometimes. Oh, and if you’re looking for whole milk powder for your future trips, you might find this helpful Stock Up on Whole Milk Powder for a Convenient Dairy Solution. It’s always good to have food options. I hope you had an amazing time in France, Richard