Food in the time of a pandemic/Food for the baby

The virus that causes COVID-19 affects the supply chain and food buying habits as people prepare to squat. You put in a stock of chicken soup? Have you seen a shortage due to the pandemic?

Apparently, the Gordo ranch has become popular with viral preppers. Unfortunately, this is not an option for me, so I will have to settle for standard dried and canned beans.

BTW, what’s the option for babies? (I mean newborns)

Well that can be a good chance for people who lost their jobs. They can go harvest crops and replace foreign workers. I am one of those who was left without a job for a few months, but thankfully I was able to find something. My son was just born and we had to buy him some holle stage 1 expensive formula. The thing is, you have to do everything for your kid and I was lucky that the doctor said where to buy it cheaper. All I have been “cooking” for the last few months is the formula and it seems to be a good one, he loves it.

You should always stack baby food just to be sure…

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