Folder browsing/ Folder portal navigation does not work

Yesterday I reinstalled Windows 10.1909 x64 Pro and installed new fences tonight.

I imported an old snapshot and restored it. The first problem was incorrect identification of the monitor (I use 4 desktops) - the problem was the monitor number, the coordinates were correct in the configuration file.I think this can be fixed in future versions. After the correction, I was satisfied.

The problem started with folder portals. Since I have Fences, it was great to browse folders without opening Explorer or another file manager - just on the portals of fences folders.

Now I have “flat” folder portals that, after double-clicking on the folder icon, open only explorer.

It may be an import from an old installation. I don’t really know how to fix it, but if it stays, fences won’t be such a great solution.

Can anyone help me how to fix this?

Thank you for every help, answer or suggestion.

Did you manage to solve the problem?

Hi, is folder navigation working for you now? To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard about such a problem, and therefore I can’t advise you anything. I hope that you will be able to figure out this problem with navigation.
The only thing I can do is change the color of the folder on my Macbook. I downloaded this application to change the appearance of folders because I needed to put my desktop in order. I’ve always had problems with this. I download something, and then I can’t find it on my MacBook. Thus, thanks to these colored folders, I managed to put everything in order in my MacBook.