Focus on your work and concentrate with this app!

Hey! If you want to focus on your work and do thing more efficiently, there is an android app for you!

a time management method that helps people focus on their work by dividing total work time into 25 minutes periods called Pomodoros. Eventually, these periods are separated from each other by 5 minutes called short breaks. After 3 pomodoro periods, long break is replaced by short break and comprises of 12 minutes. Surely, these minute values are determined by traditional method rules and can be changed in application itself.

AnTime application features:
*Design of minimalism in dark mode
*Azerbaijani and English support
*Editable pomodoro, short and break lengths
*Ongoing sounds during work time and alarm sounds

To work and focus, just set pomodoro, short and break lenths (they are traditionally set as 25, 5, 12 minutes respectively), and press Start button… Voila! Concentrate on your work until break time.
Check this out!


Yes, I really liked the idea!