Flurry Video Ads for Android

I just read an interesting article about flurry’s video ads coming to android and how its been successful on iOS platform. Here is the article. http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/07/flurry-appcircle-android/. I know flurry is popular among android developers as analytic tool but has anyone tried to monetize apps using their app circle? I signed up with them and i can see they do offer banner ads and full screen ads. Has anyone tried them? I am planning to try them out and now that they have brought video ads to android(that flurry says often tops $10), it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Haven’t tried them myself, but my opinion on video ads is that I do not like them. I would not want apps that download videos using my data plan, so therefore I will not use video ads in my apps.

I actually talked to flurry after the article on Techcrunch. Many of options mentioned in the article are only iOS (different from article).

More than anything when I talked to Flurry representative, I got a feeling they are more promoting their analytics to collect data about users (So that they can better target ads in future).

After that I decided to never use Flurry ads or analytics.

I think if you could target the video ads to only wifi traffic I would be ok with them. Data plans on mobile carriers (at least here in US) are tiny for what you pay for them. There’s no way I would use an app that hogs my data plan.

Its things like those that I hear and feel incredibly silly about watching all those Family Guy episodes to kill time during commute…:S

In the TapJoy settings if you have Video Ads enabled you can toggle on/off:

Cache over Wi-Fi
Cache over 3G
Stream over 3G

Presumably by toggling off the 3G settings you could avoid taxing your users Data Plans. Hopefully the other advertising networks are have/will have similar setups.

I’d recommend trying Airpush SmartWall product for that same interstitial real-estate as it includes video / appwall/ rich media / etc…With it, I have been getting the highest in-app CPM’s I’ve ever seen.

I have tried AdColony on the video side and it’s a good product but very low fill rates. The logic of Airpush SmartWall is far superior because you don’t need to commit to 1 interstitial format.

Nothing bad but also nothing too great to say about AdColony when it comes to video, but I do agree that the new Airpush SmartWall is better, def more diverse with video, appwall, rich media… its all there. That’s why average user CPMs (like mine) are higher than what we’re used to.