Flappy bird $$??

How much $$ does it take to make a game like flappy bird? With its simplicity and bad graphics? And does a game developer also design the animation aswell?

If I was still freelancing I would probably want about $2000 for such game. But I don’t know if it’s much or little… never had to hire a programmer fortunately. :slight_smile:

It is being sold ready made for 5$ now :slight_smile:

So how much did temple run cost around? 2-4k to make?

Mobile - FlappyBot - An Obstacle Avoidance Game | CodeCanyon - $15

flappy bird is a simple game and can be made in just a few hours tops, most of the work being graphical

Few hours? U mean using an app maker program not coding it from scratch as surely it will take more than that

From the code side it’s very simple game… Graphics is the most important in that case

Graphich is the designing parts right

hi ,

We are the developer of this game https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flying-space-bird/id835014747?ls=1&mt=8 .It is released in app store .It is much better than flappy bird with improved graphics and visuals .
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Will code for food ($500 for coding, no design)

Gp now ban all flappy clones. Not try use keyword flappy and clumsy in app name.

That’s actually for the “Regular license” which is only supposed to allow you to make an end product for free for 1 person. The extended license which enables you to give it away to unlimited end products is $75.

A little bit of market research results in: