Flappy Bird Creator will release Swing Copter soon

Flappy Bird’s Creator Dong Nguyen Unveils His Upcoming Game ‘Swing Copters,’ Aka Upward Flappy Bird

There it is guys, I seriously can’t wait for all the clone games to be release right after!

It looks like fun, he will also add in IAP of 99 cents to get rid of ads. I will most likely do the same to a future game.

What ad network he is using in his flappy bird or that soon to release app(if you can recognize based on the demo video). I actually haven’t tried playing the original flappy bird or I am not sure if it was the original. :slight_smile:

I believe he was using admob. Not sure though.

yes only admob in original fb

Or even before!

Be honest, is anyone here going to create some Swing Copter clones? :wink:

You’re right. There’re some “Swing Copters” games on google play :slight_smile:

That’s just disgusting to me.

Woww…Its a great news, i am crazy to play Flappy Bird :smiley: & now awaiting for Swing Copter…

Dong Nguyen tweeted about his new game release on Play Store about 5 hours ago

[Swing Copters] on Play Store is available now. Enjoy :slight_smile: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dotgears.swing

Ton of clones have been there already :D. Search for the real one at “.GEARS Studios”. :slight_smile:

Buy it here:
Swing Copter Easy Reskin in Cocos2D-X | Android - Java - App - Game - Reskin | Chupamobile

I advise, let the price come down :smiley:

Check out this game: Piggy Copters & Flappy Wings - Google Play Store Top Apps | App Annie

I guess the game was originally called “FlappyWings” and they recently changed the name to “Piggy Copters & Flappy Wings” to make use of the word “copters”. The interesting thing is that this game was released in late february and has over 1M downloads.

The idea is the same as “Swing Copters”. I am wondering who is copying who now.

Also, “Swing Copters” has already been released on iOS yesterday and was featured on the iTunes homepage by the Apple staff: Swing Copters - iOS Store Store Top Apps | App Annie