Fking Google has started suspending repetitive apps

Anyone experiencing the same?

Can you give an example of what they banned? what they mean for repetitive Apps?

Probably apps with similar/same content, this has been in their policy since 2014 iirc.

Can you post screenshot of mail they sent you?

Is this from personal experience or did you read this somewhere? Please share

Were they repetitive? The name, logo, pkg are not indicators of repetitiveness. What about .png .jpg files, internal code, methods? I have two apps that are almost identical in code and classes but have different .png and .jpg files and I had no trouble till now.

Why would having same code be the issue? If this was the case wallpaper apps would be banned long ago. Its the files and content. Also to me it seems that OP just bought some already finished project and published it on google play and it was spam because there’s 20+ same apps. OP is good at avoiding questions, we asked him to post SS of email and tell us more info but he’s to busy blaming google for enforcing its policy.