Fixing the App Discovery problem

So let me explain from scratch, the problem:

1.)The problem of Discovery:

As we all know that App-stores are getting bigger everyday with millions of apps which makes app discovery a huge challenge – both for users and developers. The days are gone when developers used to publish apps and get 1000s of downloads daily or may be more than that. Only the Top 1.6% apps in the store make $500,000/month while the rest apps hardly make $100/month.

2.) The Problem of Marketing/Paid User Acquisition:

Talking about Paid Acquisitions there are 3 ways to acquire users which are CPI, CPC or CPM. I won’t explain the terminologies but CPI turns out to be the most effective where you pay anywhere around $0.5 to $1 for Tier 1 country traffic. These rates would go up if you are acquiring user for iphone/ipad game. So even with a budget of $500 you are not going to get good amount of users.

3.) The Problem of ASO(App Search Optimisation):

There are great tools like Sensor Tower that allows you to find keywords but the problem is that the keywords that have good amount of traffic but low competition are difficult to find!

4.) Difficulty in reaching top charts:

Who doesn’t want to reach top charts! but the problem is that we don’t have thousands of dollar to compete with the top apps! The top apps are continuously getting users from every source they can!

5.) The Demotion of creativity & Birth of Reskinning :

There is high probability that today even if a developer creates something new (outside the box app/game) he is likely to fail because of no/low budget or he lacked marketing expertise. When he publishes his app there is no guarantee that he will get good amount of visibility. Then eventually he finds that there are developers who reskin app and use keywords of the trending app/games like currently pokemon go, prisma and make good amount of money.
So what this leads to is good content being supressed by the those who have money to market.

Fixing the App Discovery:

So, what are we doing to solve this ??? We had been working over 1.6 years and finally created a middle-out discovery platform called “PLATEAU”. The platform focuses on providing creators, the initial push/encouragement required to not give up on creating good stuff, at low costs that do not hurt their pockets. In Plateau we have 2 entities:

Content Creators: These are people who have developed some content and want to reach a potential audience. (from our research there are around 300,000/month searches for promoting content)

Content Finders: These are people who were interested in finding something new. (from our research there are around 1,500,000/month searches for new content)

Keeping the above problems in mind we have addressed them as follows:

1.) App Discovery:

For content creators we have developed website where creators can signup and submit their content and this content goes into our “platform queue”.

For content finders we have developed “Plateau-Store” app where the said content will be visible and they will have choice to view content from different categories like games, apps etc.

2.) But how does it guarantee visibility?

Our apps will show only a fixed number of content everyday like 50-100 in a section called “NEW”. This is the content that was submitted by the content creators. We developed a unbiased ranking algorithm that will decide which of these will go to TRENDING & HOT sections. And every content stays for max 7 days and then gets removed from the platform to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to be on top charts if it was of high quality.

Additionally we are not asking you to upload your app to our platform, instead you will be asked to submit a playstore/appstore link, from where the content finder can actually download your app. All your apps will be showcased in a similar manner as any appstore but for downloading it the user will be directed to the actual stores. So what this actually does is increases your ranking and downloads in the actual appstores/playstore.

3.) How are we acquiring “Content Finders” ?

As we said there are around 1,500,000/month searches for new content. So we are going to run, CPC and CPI campaigns to acquire users for “Plateau-store” and as our plateau-store is showing new content daily they would be interested in coming back. So us acquiring content finders transitively results in creators acquiring new audience.

4.) How much traffic can a “Content Creator” expect ?

Well that’s totally upto the content s/he has submitted. The better the content the more it will attract the finders. We have no control over this, all we can assure is acquiring more content finders.

5.) So, are you charging for it ?

As of now NO, we will launch the platform with 100k users, so until then signups and content submission is FREE. Once we have a good user base above 1 Million only then we will start charging on pay-per-day basis. The fees will be very low too, somewhere in the ballpark of $10-$15.

6.) What have we achieved till now ?

We have talked to over 1200 content creators and they liked the idea and are quite excited for it. We have also acquired around 1000 signups from Content Creators from around the world. We are trying to bring a paradigm shift and bridge the gap between the content creators and content finders.

Here’s the website for Content Creators: PLATEAU

If u still have any questions? Please feel free to ask me!

How to join

Here is the link

I signed up there some days ago and submitted one of my apps there.

The result:
0 clicks

This site is the worsest “app link site” i have ever seen …

absolutly worthless to submit apps on this site…

Hey, you misunderstood! See this:
5.) So, are you charging for it ?

As of now NO, we will launch the platform with 100k users, so until then signups and content submission is FREE. Once we have a good user base above 1 Million only then we will start charging on pay-per-day basis. The fees will be very low too, somewhere in the ballpark of $10-$15.

The platform for the content finders has not gone live till now! You will be notified via email when you start receiving traffic!

Hey guys we have received 500 signups more!

So you need 999500 more sign ups for showing ads… f****ing bullshit… Awesome advertiser off the millennia :beer::banghead:

No offense bro! we aren’t scamming anyone. If you have some doubts then ask instead!

Thanks for this valuable information.