Five successfull tips to increase installs of your android apps and games!

Hi everyone.
Here are my five succesfull tips to increase installs.
Tested on my own games, which had about 50 total installs in first three months of release.

  1. Icon tests and changes. Cost - $100-200. Goal - encrease visits. If an icon is bad - people will choose the one next to your, more attractive one.
  2. Description rewriting. Cost - $60-120. (chepest variant was Adeco Systems Ltd.) Goal - make it ASO-friendly and more attractive. ASO is very important. Increase in search ranking from pos. 400 to 50 brought installs rate growth up to 200% plus.
  3. Screenshots changes. Cost - $0.00. Goal - encrease conversion visit/install. Good screenshots helped to raise conversion rate up to 40% from 9%.
  4. Keyword installs. Cost - $0.09 per install. Used simple and cheap campaigns by TapInstall - tap to get your android installs. Made a boost campaign with total budget $350.00. Increased rating pos. to 1st!
  5. Incent installs. Cost - $0.05 per install. Thanks to TapInstall - tap to get your android installs. Bought 10000 installs for $500.
    The total campaign took 2 weeks. Total budget was $1000 (it’s far from $2500 minimum promotional agencies ask fro such campaign). In next three months my game went from 50-100 installs to 500.000-1.000.000 installs! Investments returned in second month, when revenue from ad-networks came.

Good luck everyone!

Thank you very much for sharing your experience :smiley:

good info.
but i could not see 0.09 installs on tapinstall’s website. where did u get this deal from?

Hi, they provided the discount, cause my offer was over $300.

Good luck!

It’s useful information. But the main question how to keep retention? Installs sometimes don’t mean that app have a good dau. Lot of services pay users for installs and good comments, but “users” do it only for earn and delete the app after sending 5 stars. So who will watch ads in the app?

Here’s a chart showing how installs rate + installs velocity + search ranking work to encrease organic users installs.boos and organic.jpg

Right from the start you’re in the bottom (like in retail marketing - “on far side of the shelves”) so you need to place your product to the first row to attract customers (users).
This requires some effort and planned investments. Without it your product will stay laying on the far side of the shelves and even with good quality and fair price it’s
gonna take too long to encrease sales.
That’s how marketing work. Professional marketers are the people who can use the budget for promotion in the most effective way.

Good Luck and Keep it Up.

you can get keywork on for a very cheap price , both keyword rank and reviews installs

Good luck

cool tips bro :wink:

Thanks, bro!

Good tips. However, besides these 5 tips, I have an additional method - buy app reviews. I don’t suggest buy Google Play reviews from some unreliable app review service provider, because this will be harmful for your app. I recommend buy quality reviews from real users. Also, remember include your app keywords in the reviews, which will greatly boost your app keyword ranking.

Thanks, ReviewApp4U!
Good addition - appreciate it, and agree.

Thanks! Youre definitely right!

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Some tips from my experience.

  1. First of all you need thousands installs in a shot time.
    Despite scaring figures there is one way guaranteeing an instant top win. It’s app promotion services.
    You should check the any service before you make an order. Read reviews, ask friends ect.
    We used - Android keywords promotion to boost our app on the top of Play Market by keywords.
    Main features are trial period and good prices for our budget. Also they provide a responsive technical support.
  2. Of course you should have a conceptual app with attractive screenshots, and description.
    Good luck!

great work thanks for sharing the success story, can you please share more about your app? i.e. what niche your app target? what is your target market? can you share you app name here?

8 Tips To Increase Downloads for Your App :-

  1. Great Translated Descriptions

  2. Make a Video

  3. CPI Burst Campaigns

  4. Limited Discounts

  5. Get the word out

  6. Keep your eyes on the user

  7. Use a cover image for Google Play

  8. Professional real-life screenshots.

I don’t suggest buy Google Play reviews from some unreliable app review service provider, because this will be harmful for your app. I recommend buy quality reviews from real users.

I agree. But there are other sources for real user app reviews as well. You can join groups on Facebook and ‘trade’ reviews with other users for free, in real time as well. You probably are not going to get 500 of these unless you sit at your keyboard a really long time, but they are real, organic reviews. When you are starting out, the last thing you want is to all of a sudden shoot up with 1000 reviews in one day out of no where, when you were historically only getting 10. That looks suspicious and screams of ‘fake reviews’.

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Thanks for the share