First Week

Hi there,

I published my app on March 23rd. And implemented Leadbolt through AdWhirl one day later with a first update.

When Google Play updates the app statistics it’s around 13.00 GMT+1, which means the first day was only a half day. I published in the evening. But it doesn’t matter anyway, if I would have got 24 instead of the 12 installs, which I got the first day.

The second, and first full day, I got 82 installs and there was no big change the next two days (86 and 83). Then, the daily installs started to accelerate almost linear. From 122 installs the fifths day to now over 220 installs, on the 8th day.

In the market my app is visible after a strong swipe, which is pretty good. :slight_smile:

The “active : total installs”-ratio ranges between 0.55 and 0.58, which is not too bad, but also not bad. Maybe, it will get a little bit better, when I’ve implemented two new features and finally get to version 1.0.

Tomorrow (actually today, but tomorrows statistics), I will have passed the 1.000 installs milestone, after I’ve missed it yesterday (8th day) with less than 50 installs.

Now, to the important part. After I could figure out some patterns in the download statistics, I can’t say that for the ad impressions using Leadbolt. The time period is probably to short. There are up and downs. On March 24th (first day with Leadbolt), I made 0,13$, the next day 0.58$ , which is an increase of about 350%, but the page impressions, went down by 23% (a monday). The first days I never got any revenue for clicks in the US, then one day I got 311 impressions from the US, only 4 clicks, but I think it included a pay per action ad, which brought me about 2$ and so doubled my doubled revenue :slight_smile:

I am confident, that I won’t see daily revenues less than a $ soon. Yesterday and today were “good” days. The last 7 days, I made around 6$, would make 24$ in a month. Although the new installs are slowing down to about 30% (almost linear decrease), I think, that after a new update I will will more new daily installs. Hoping of 500-1000 installs a day soon. :slight_smile:

In the Games/Entertainment categories, I think there would be more downloads possible. Do you think, that’s a good start, in the Tools categories? According to a Flurry report, the Tools categories are difficult. There are less then 10% crap apps, which makes it harder to stand out…

I like to see some more “daily” reports from other devs! If you install-chart-trend stays this way you will have a good amount of impressions very soon. even Robo Miner started with small numbers and is now at 300k impressions per day. (~5k-10k installs per day)

Do not believe in any much greater active-installations-rate - I am pretty sure, a 50% rate is very good, and you will very hardly see any much higher numbers. That seems to be true for every “free” app.

I don’t know much about Tools Category … in games you have a big number of crap … but this crap is marketed very well, don’t forget that :slight_smile:

I’ll stay tuned for your next reports - btw.: what is your app?

Congratulations with your successful start!

I also think that 50% rate is quite good, because there is very huge amount of users that just surfing around the free app market and trying apps for one time.
I think that there is also a lot of new hobby developers and related persons that are checking the market. (maybe this is just my observation)

Hi there,

thanks for your replies. Today, I want to give you an update.

If you install-chart-trend stays this way you will have a good amount of impressions very soon.

Yes. The trend remaind the same. Almost. I got more installs every day, but it’s slowing down, and I don’t know why. When I had about 30% new installs a week ago, new installs dropped to 15% yesterday, in a linear matter. Altough my ranking is getting better, in the Android market/Google Play Store, (website and mobile), it seems, that I can’t keep the pace in some countries. Maybe it’s because advertised less this week compared to last week.

The most significant drop in new installs is in the US. While, in the first week, Germany and the US had almost the same amount of new installs every day, and every day the new installs raised, Germany has now the double of installs and almost three times more active installs than the US, and even more amazing is, that Saudi-Arabia ranks 2nd after Germany and before the US. (total and active installs)

Although I get less % of new installs everday (still every day there are more absolute new installs), I think the quality of users is getting better. Active installs and total installs are almost the same, sometimes the new active installs are higher (%) than the new installs, meaning, that less people are deinstalling the app immediately after installing.

The retention ratio is still around 0.55. I hope I can reach 5.000 total installs today, which is the 15th day since publishing.

Taking a view on my income statistics I can say, I am not yet rich, but the situation is getting better.
While from March 24th to March 30th, I earned less than 1$ on six out of seven days, with one execptional revenue day with over 2$, I earned more than 1$ on 5 days and only less than one $ on two days of the last week. That’s an increase of about 70% compared to last week’s revenue.

If I could only increase the revenue every week, I would have nice income in Summer.

Unfortunately, I experienced a drop in the ECPM as well as in the CTR.

+300% more page impressions
+70% revenue (leadbolt)
+280% total installs
+280% active installs

top three countries:
31% Germany
18% Saudi Arabia
14% USA

As follows the all time graph. Marked, the last week’s reporting day.

Numbers of Robo Miner started to decline since start of the month - so my top revenues was not lasting very long it seems xD

So, after a “starting hype” it’s maybe normal, that the download numbers are going back again.

I got similar looking graphs in the beginning, but the graph was raising again. It stopped when the graph points downward - so maybe you are seeing only normal fluctuations :slight_smile:

Hi there,

on March 23, I published my app PAL9000. That was four weeks ago. The reports for the first and second week can be reviewed in above in this thread.

After two weeks, I recognized that it’s difficcult to get more than 500 Downloads per day. So my first hope of the ever accelerating download rates did not fulfill.
Using the search word “translate” or “translator” ranks my app 33rd or 25 if you would subtract the paid apps.

The ranking remained almost the same since week two. I wonder, if the installs would be much higher, if I were in the top 10 or top 20 instead of the top 30. Highest daily installs was 546 on April 3rd. Active installs went down a little bit and reached about 50%

In the first four weeks I made about 40USD using Leadbolt, with 3.77$ max on April 22nd, and 2.62$ on April 21st. Almost 1/3 of the total revenue was made last week, which is good :slight_smile:

ECPM started with over 1$ went down to 0.40$ and has reached an average of 0.60$. CTR is at about 1.5% sometimes a little bit higher.

Today, I published version 1.0 and implemented some user wishes. I hope the Update-And-Double-Your-Installs-Trick works. Some people said, that the installs double, after an update, and I saw the same phenomena with a crap app a year ago. Let’s see. 1000 downloads a day, would mean about new 30.000 installs, 15.000 active installs + the existing, let’s sa 50.000 total and 25.000 active installs and so about five times(well-rounded) the revenue of today at the end of next month. So to say 160$ is the goal for next month. And five times of that at the end of June. Which was my initial goal, to make more money than with my part time job :slight_smile: Wish me good luck.

Why should an update double the installs …?

I agree that I don’t think an update will double the downloads.

Back in the early days when there was a “just in” section an update would trigger a bunch of new downloads because “just in” included just released or just updated. But now days I don’t think an update really affects downloads.

Five hundred downloads a day for a new app is a pretty good accomplishment. Congratulations.

Hi there,
no. It didn’t work. The daily installs remained the same, constantly going down frm the high on April 3rd (11th day) with 546 installs. The day later was the first day with less installs than the day before, and since then it goes down and up a little but the trend shows me -26% of daily installs since then, only 402 yesterday. :frowning:

There were a few 1 star ratings which dropped my overall rating from 4.5 to 3.6 Can this be the reason? The one star ratings with reviews weren’t really helpful, more the type of “bad” “Eweeee”.

What effect does the time on the market has on the daily installs? Are new apps (less than 4 weeks) considered differently to apps that were published a while ago?

And what does the chart on the store app page show me? The line chart isn’t like the line chart in dev console. It’s not even close. Any idea?

Yeah I hate 1 and 2 star reviews that have no comment or a non helpful comment. You feel powerless. At least give me something I can fix or make better if you don’t like it.

There is a top new free and top new paid categories. Not every app shows up here but if your app gets popular it can break into these categories. Not sure how long they consider new but 30 days seems reasonable. Possible with 500 downloads a day you could have broke into that category and got good exposure.

Most of my apps have gotten more daily downloads the older they are. I guess they start moving up in the rankings and search results. With the exception of my drinking game. It got a review on a blog and was really popular at first, then the downloads dropped off. But that was the only app that started off popular. The rest gained over time.

Hi FiveHellions,

thanks fur your motivating words. You mentioned the category top apps. I as in the top 20 of the “Top New Free Apps” in the tools category once.

maybe that helped me a little bit. Yesterday, new installs dropped by 100 to around 300. Maybe I made a mistake, by changing the description text. Fortunately I could compensate the drop by publishing on SlideMe, which gave me 175 new installs on the first day. Compared to the other apps showing up in the chronlocigal “Just-In” list, I performed very well. Only a War game had more installs.

Today I changed the description text in the Google Play Store and SlideMe again. I analyzed the Google Translate App text, 215 words, and 14 times “translates” and 4 times in the first 25 word, 9 times “language” and so on, adapted the percentage of occurrence to my Description text. I hope it helps a little bit :slight_smile:

Then, yesterday I promoted my app on the German Xing network, which brought me a new business contact and my first fan on facebook :slight_smile: If you want to join :slight_smile:

Next weekend, I want to use Google+ on my phone trying to +1 links to the market or my website on different parts of the city, hoping that people are sitting bored in the cafés and checking Google Plus’ Nearby action. Pretty cheap advertisment. Good thing is, I live in Berlin, and maybe many tourist take that home. My app was already +1’d 49 times and through SlideMe I got a post on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, I could find any retwittered posts regarding my app yet. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you informed.