First month report (on iPhone)

Hi there,

Finaly I have also launched my first game Chocolate Box Memory Cards, but currently only on iPhones.

I have published my report on my website.
It is more for my friends not other developers, so there are not so detailed figures.

Almost all the revenues I have earned are from paid app. This is mainly because the free version of game was launched after paid app (Free app was in review process too long). App for 0.99$ was released before St Valentines day but free game version was available after the St Valentines day (boost of the game was expected exactly in that day). This was the main fail of game launch. :smiley: (but gave me the biggest part of revenues)

Interesting fact is that I have earned 0$ from iAd (1 month) and 1.34$ from AdMob (in 8 days) and AdMob figures looks quite strange for me (they are too big). As understand it could be driven by relatively high percentage of clicks on advertisements. (see screenshot in atachment)

Good luck to everyone and soon I will come with Android game version too.

Here is link to our promo video to have short insight for Android users:


that CTRs look awesome … but not very natural :slight_smile:

Nice to read some report from iOS - I was curious how iphone compares to android when starting from the scratch. Will watch out for your next report :slight_smile: Good Luck

Interesting to see the figures from another side of the market. We had Blackberry stuff posted the other day, and now also iPhone.

Your experiences seem to support the idea that there’s a lot more money to be made with paid apps on the App Store. With Android I’d never release a paid app before the free version - I’ve had great difficulty convincing people to buy a paid version at all.

Thanks David for comment.

Actually this is not the learning from my report, because this was my fail. It stopped game expansion in key date - St.Valentines day. This number of purchased games shows that I did some pre-launch marketing activities and there were people waiting for my game launch. They purchased game when it was available.
Hope to come with more interesting and more impresive figures next time. My next game will come out after few weeks.