First app, monthly income report November [AdMob]

Hello everyone, so my app that I uploaded to Google Play is now a month old. And as promised I’m gonna give you my statistics.

Last time, I posted the stats for 8 days, and the total revenue was about 5 bucks. Looking back at it the app literally exploded.
Currently I’m at 25k downloads and earning about $40 a day. I would have never imagined earning that much in a day. And that is with a below average rpm.

For those who haven’t seen my previous post, the app is a game which I coded myself in about 2 months.
I’m not gonna be posting the name of the app for obvious reasons.

Stats for 30 days:

  • Total downloads: 25,384

  • Active users: 8632

  • Total impressions: 682,415

  • Total clicks: 4,305

  • Impression RPM: 0.45

  • Total revenue: $307

  • Highest earning in a day: $59.4

  • Highest impressions in a day: 132k

  • Average rating: 4.1 (hoping to get it up to at least 4.3 with updates)

Everything seems to be growing right now. I’m hoping to hit $1k by the end of December, or even more. We’ll see.
I might post another update on how the app is doing in a month. Not sure yet.

My experiences

If you are about to publish your game/app, but you feel like something is missing or maybe you think it’s not good enough, just release it. I would have never known what was missing from my game if people didn’t tell me what they wanted through ratings. Make sure you read all the reviews for your app, because that’s how you can improve on it. I have added and fixed so many things since release, all thanks to the reviews.

When it comes to promotions and marketing stuff, I can’t give you any tips. Personally, I haven’t done any of them. It simply wasn’t needed.
If you’ve got an app that’s not really a unique idea, like for example if you made a Flappy Bird clone, most likely you won’t get too many downloads, because the market is literally flooded with those kind of games.

In my case, I had this idea for a while, and then coincidentally stumbled upon a “Motivational video”, and I remember this line: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”. That’s when I started making the app.
Anyways, good luck to anyone who is about to release/has released their first app. With hard work and determination you can achieve anything.

Sorry if the last couple of lines sound edgy and stuff, but trust me, it is true :stuck_out_tongue:

Very motivating! Thanks for sharing.

congrats, you seem to be doing great. please continue with your reports they are very motivating indeed

congrats! Would be awesome if I had the same RPM… What kind of ads do you use?

I have a banner that’s being displayed on the top of the screen at all times, and I run one interstitial per session.

Thanks for report and advises! Inspiring!

Congrats man! nice job

Nice congrats! please report again, your story inspiring!