First app,1.5 years, 3 million downloads ,0$ spent, 50,000$ /year profit

Hey guys so I posted an article very long time ago about marketing.
I have created a new article and explained it in details on my website.
Also I have created a list of 3000 youtubers . I searched for keywords like android,app review etc, and created a list.
I have uploaded it on my website and made it available for free.
You can spam the shit out of them if you want
Here is my app

And here is the article

50,000$ /year is a pretty good sum in India, congraz on your success man. :slight_smile:

@ankit662003 pls see if you can answer following:

  1. For motivation, what is your daily installs and daily earning in $ as of 31st January 2016
  2. Have you tried to repeat this success for any other of your app. Were you able to repeat it?
  3. You are sharing your case study for motivating others or there is some affiliate/service offering from your side?


  1. Currently my daily installs are in the range of 5000+ but I will work on it soon to improve it.
  2. Yes, and it worked, for my calculator app, I got 60,000 downloads within a week’s time, and it was trending #1 in UK, Germany in many European countries.
    But I quickly realized to earn the same amount, I will have to have 20 times more downloads , so I left promoting it.
  3. Check out my website , I haven’t posted any ads nor any products to sell on my article.

And about the earnings from my app, I am expecting 15,000$ a month after 2 months.

Yeah it is, specially when I dont have to work for it.
Where are you from?

i from China

50,000 $ is a lot there as well

such an inspirational story
good luck

congratz on the success!

about spam, do you post on youtube comments? where do you put your ads, its very sensitive for music app to put in your face ads.

Very well explained with mistakes and solutions. thnaks for sharing

No problem :slight_smile:

Which appstores do you use to publish your app?
and which one are good according to you?

I used only google play

Sell ASO services?

thanks for sharing man
good luck

Thanks man :smiley:

Is there any way man to start with music player now? When market is saturated?

IMO market is too saturated

also, mp3 players will become pretty irrelevant for most users within a couple of years as users switch to services like Spotify. you can already see this for many european countries (eg. northern europe, germany) and the USA. most users in these countries use Spotify/Google Play Music/etc for the vast majority of their music listening because it’s more convenient. this will become the norm for the rest of the world soon

Ankit’s app has slipped from position 10 to 50+ for keyword music player. Reason could be uninstalls or he stopped marketing it.

I think is because he changed the app title few months ago.