First airpush then startapp -> Samsung reject

i got email from samsung, they change their ads guideline

Recently Samsung advertisement guideline is changed, so any type of advertisement which is supported by push notification couldn’t service in Samsung Apps. Please modify below applications and revise it through Seller Office. [starapp] API: API: API: Service: Meta-data: Meta-data:

anyone have receive same email?

yepp…i was planning to update my suspended app(which had airpush) using startApp…This post just saved me a lot of time…thanks… :smiley:

SamsungApps certification guys = stupidest people in the field…

I can second that. They’ve rejected my app once because it was… not keeping the screen on when user was not playing for a few minutes.

I can also confirm this - stupidest people , Samsung one time rejected my app because of small typo mistake in help text.