Finger Slash [free] rate us, and post your game so we can rate back! :)


I am Natalia and together with my friend Martin we develop indie games, while working on a cute puzzle game with 5 worlds and lot of levels (release date march 2014) we created Finger Slash, to blow some steam off as you can see @ youtube and we LOVE IT :D.
So please rate us and paste a link to your game, so we can rate back, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Windows Phone 8


hi, thanks, I rated your with 5* (Nat Natux) and also 2x g+ (also from Martin)

commmented (Ouch, my finger!) 5* and g+
heres mine

Done! Rated 5 stars, g+1 and commented as follows:

“Bloody fun - Try it!”

Please recip to my app:


hi, thanks… rated yours with 5*, g+, comment (as Nat Natux)

thanks. got my 5*, g+, comment (name Nat Natux)

Hi, I’ve rated your app ( Halaouet Abdelaziz : “Amazing Very nice game”)
Please my app :

everybody above got rated 5 stars and G+1. in exchange you can rate/review this piece of shit app and company that got so many developers apps banned

Thanks mate, I did :slight_smile:

Martin Kukan:
Great! Thumbs up, really nice puzzle game

Done with comment: “:slight_smile: Not safe for kid. But I like this”.

Please help me to do the same for this app: