Finally on Android!

Get a perfect profile pic for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - an awesome, HAND-DRAWN CARICATURE from your very own photo!

iFans - “Photolamus makes an ideal gift for family, friends and colleagues. For such a low price, I really wasn’t expecting all that much. But the drawing turned out really well done and was equally funny looking!”

Photolamus is a unique service that lets users order 100% hand drawn caricatures by professional artists for ridiculously low prices!
The Photolamus community has some of the best caricature artists in the world.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the caricature’s execution and quality! :wink:


[i]“Really happy with the result :slight_smile: I would highly recommend the app to any one for the excellent customer service and quality work it provides!”

“Always the most beautiful caricature on the web!”

“Lots of fun! Thanks! Will definitely order some more caricatures for family members - good for a laugh!”

“That is awesome! Definitely recommending you to anyone who needs this sort of work done!”

“Brilliant skills! Great job! Highly recommended.” [/i]

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Another booring application !! But yes that’s a good way to promote your application over the forum I must say … :wink:

Boring, huh? Why is it boring? It’s an intertainment app, it was made to bring fun! So it is good and fun app! :smiley:
Funny pictures, possibility to get Yourself one, social networks, likes, etc…

Nope, really feel its booring !! But yes I will give it a try again, tell you what I prefer mostly hardcore gaming where I can kill people’s :smiley: