Finally hit 1,000$ a day today

Hey everyone,

Today a christmas miracle happened. I hit my first 1000$ day today. Just wanted to share it with everyone because I remember a few months ago I was making 20$ a day an reading posts on this forum from other people making 1k a day and could only dream of such success. I’m not going to reveal much, but here is how I did it. A couple months ago I made a niche game app that got downloads very easily, so I decided to make apps only for that niche from then on to see how much I could exploit it. Through cross promotion I made my newer apps blow up as the conversion rates were amazing due to the traffic being 100% relevant and I quickly gained a monopoly in that niche because my apps had the first, second, third, ect ranking position for my keywords so I was competing with myself for top spots. The funny thing is that my apps are games and are pretty low-quality, as I am a single developer and have only been doing app development seriously for a year now. FYI I have a boring corporate full time job as well so my income has gone through the roof. My biggest issue right now is going to be writing off as much off my taxes as possible this year. Im only 21 years old but everyday I felt depressed that I was getting old because I felt pissed off that I wasn’t rich yet, even though I already have a new suv, a motorcycle, and a condo, finally that feeling is starting to go away. I struggle a lot with procrastination, laziness, inability to get myself to develop at home even though I know it is the only way to be a multi-millionaire. Adderall helps. My goal right now is financial security for the rest of my life, I want to have enough money to leave my day job and develop apps full time, which will be tough because my day job pays so well, and as well all know income from apps fluctuates so much.

Please pray that I am able to make these earnings stable for at least a couple of years! To those of you that haven’t made it yet, the way to get here is with a lot of failure, a lot of boring hours of debugging, and a little bit of luck.
Please no PM’s or questions about my niche, I am just trying to provide everyone with some motivation to let them know that is very possible if they are smart and grind hard.
Good luck to all, and merry christmas!

My congratulations man! All the best for you! Hope your revenue will be stable!

Congratulations. Can’t see your attached photo anyway.

you still working at company or leave your work ? , I have the same case as you , the only thing that concerns me quit or not my job .

Congratz dude. What a great Christmas Present!


Some quick advice:

  1. Find an accountant
  2. Create a company to handle the income and deduct expenses
  3. Hire contract programmers and graphics to suck up some of the revenue and make more games
  4. DO NOT TELL ANYONE AT WORK :slight_smile:

5a) Keep your day job… this won’t last for the next 40 years

… OR …

5b) Quit your day job and attempt to do this full time. Ride the good fortune as long and as hard as she will let you. NOTE: this is an awesome resume building exercise

Are you able to say how these games are monetized? Is it only with Admob ?

nice, congrats! dominate the niche and slowly start getting into other themed games :slight_smile:

Congrats dude… great way to go

Congrats and enjoy earning dude! Hope it would be stable for you :slight_smile:

Same things was with at start but honestly today im enjoying my life with android

just a quick question - r u using in-apps or just ads? If both, what makes more money?

Thanks and congratz!

edit: just saw the img, so its ads

I don’t know why but I think I have a feeling the poster used inspect element. Cause I often see many screen shots of this forum members. But this one is different.

Congrats bro! Hope you’ll keep those numbers per day, and even more!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Good Luck ! :smiley:

Congratulations! :slight_smile: