Final version testing needed - CPM + pay per action payment


We are in the last stage of finalizing our new SDK. I can guarante youall that this is something that have yet be seen in the advertising arena. Not a matter of a new size - more like a new usability.
With the new SDK, we will pay share with the developer not only 70 percent of the revenue, but an additional fee for a certain action the the user takes. Of course, this increases revenues significantly.We alredy tested it with small developers.

If you are interested in texting our final version (post-beta version), and have more that 10,000 impressions per day in your app. please contact me ([email protected]) and i’ll explain more. implementation should be easy as any other insterstitial ad SDK implementation.

At any case, the new SDK will come out shortly so you will all hear about it. in Terms of revenue, it seems like this will interest you all.