Figuring out Version number of Android App on Google Play possible?

Hey guys,

do you know if it´s possible to read out the build number (version number) of an application programmatically? Like is there any google play “hidden” page with such info? For example, I would want to automatically read out the version number of the youtube app:
Is there any way to do this?

It 's possible:
1, Method 1 with single apk version like this
You grab the html and read the field “Current Version”
2, Method 2 with multiple APK version like Youtube you must download apk and extract it from manifest file.

Edit: Youtube app will show a compatible version when you add and android device to google account and login

Well, I would say the best trick to do that will always be after installing the application try heading over to the about page to see the version info etc. and yes there is one more trick if you look closely over the application description section most of the good developers always put the version changes over the application description box.

You can see version number on the app page on Google Play Store. Every app shows version number and uploaded date on Google Play Store.