Feedback to choose Authentic legitimate Ad Network

Hi All,

I am having apps that are in education (not games).
Right now I am using admob/InMobi combination with mediation.
Now a days, I am facing issues in terms of fill rate and revenue from InMobi.

So am looking for new legitimate / authentic ad network.
I just want to use Banners and interstitials , no other type of revenue.

I kindly request you to suggest me If they is(are) any network
a)Who are Regular payer
b)Do not create much disturbance to user (like integration with browser etc…)
c)If they pay less (compared to intrusive network) it is fine
d)They do not use or allow to stop inappropriate ads. (like porn, revealing ads, tobacco etc…)
e)Not new in market

Look forward for your kind feedback
Thanks in advance

Hey @gen, you can have a look at our solution at Pollfish. I think we can meet your criteria and provide a good alternative solution. Have a look at an article about Pollfish at Venturebeat to get introduced to the service!

Hi @gen,

First i want to recomment appnext, as we meet all the requirements you detailed. With appnext you can also request to stop any ad that runs in your app that you don’t want to show.

Having said that, many netwrok meet your requirements - the decision on how intrusive your ads will be is totally yours - you decide the location and the frequency of these ads.

If you want your ads to be even less intrusive, I recommend you use appnext API to create native ads that will blend better in your app.

Feel free to PM me for more infromation.

Facebook add network are working well. There are more visitor on Facebook.

Thank you ,
May you provide some more information on this?

Hello All,
Can some one suggest good paying adnetwork (may not be best in CPM) but good and reputed having presence since two years or more.

Please help us out
Does anyone use vserve?


Closest I can say to that criteria is StartApp. They’ve been around for about 2 years.
Solid ad network through and through in my experience. Good range of ads, competitive rates, cool referral program, great support and reliable systems/payment.

1+ for StartApps

Thank you, for your kind feedback