Feedback Appreciated - SendDroid

Hey Guys,

Hope you’re all doing well.

We’re on track for a new release all over.

As you know, SendDroid was built by Developers and is run by Developers to make sure that it suits Developers as much as possible. Having said that, we’re now on track for a new release and it should be out within a month or so. Of course testing will determine the real release date.

We’re reaching out to Developers to get some feedback. Since the whole point is to make things easier for you, YOU tell us what you want. Any additions, subtractions, multiplications are welcome. If you want some feature that has not existed in any Network, please tell us.

We count on you guys for our business and we want to keep everyone happy not by false promises but by making sure that you have all that you’re looking for.

We already have some feedback to work with but don’t hesitate to repeat it. All criticism, suggestions and advice are welcome.

You can respond here or you can send over a PM or you can reach out to your contact on SendDroid.

Please be sure to do this soon as we would like to have time to work on it.


I would like to be able to see specific dates or groups of dates in the Dashboard (I believe I’ve said it before).

I would also like eCPM and revenue data to be available in the graphs.

A proper referral system could be cool (seems to be a popular promotion tool in the industry these days) as it helps both the developers and SendDroid.

Why did the “earn” column on the dashboard start rounding earnings to the nearest whole dollar? It would be nice to see the actual number.

That’s all I can think of.
Thanks SendDroid!