February promotion - $2,000 for 20,000 installs, $100 for first 100,000 impressions

Hi developers,

So, with January promotions behind us, and payments + bonuses about to go out within the next 1-2 days, it’s a good time to show you what you can acheive in Febraury using appnext:

  1. If you drive 20,000 installs in February, we’ll reward you with $2,000! When I say installs, I mean by having your users install new apps (not install of your own app. This is not a PPD promotion).
    If you have enough traffic, we can help you get there. Based on January, 3M interstitial impressions should you get you there.

  2. If you are new to appnext or haven’t reached 100,000 impressions so far, now would be a good time to so. If you reach your first 100,000 impressions in February, we’ll give you a $100 bonus. Just email me to get the reward.

If you need further explanations, let me know. Privately or here.

Hope to hear from you. Let’s make some money.


Wow @jonathan
This is great bonus but it requires a lot of work :slight_smile:
Is there is any stages of this bonus (ex: 1000$ for 10000 installs )
Also is there is any opt-in required or all devs are automatically eligible
Thank you

Of course it rquires work, that’s the point. Getting a $2,000 bonus is a big deal :slight_smile:
On the other hand, there are plently of developers that will make it. And we are here help you with the optimization process. The point is - we want you to get there.

And yes - all developers are eligible automatically.

So this promotion is available for old and new developers, right?

And yeah, making at least one more stage for 10k installs would be awesome. At least you can give $500 for 10k installs and $2000 for 20k installs. This might encourage more developers to join your awesome network))

Anyways, Appnext rocks :slight_smile:

Yes, promotion is available to all developers.

Thanks for your offers. Right now we are are interested in getting developers to maximize their earning potential, so no mid-level rewards at this stage.
And thanks :slight_smile:

Hey can I ask, what type of ad’s do you guys run?

Sure. We run interstitials. Our interstitial has a unique addition to it (‘send by email’ function), but it’s basically an interstitial - a full page ad

If you run interstitials what would you class as “installs”? People who have clicked through and installed whatever is advertised?

Exactly. The GEO doesn’t matter. All the installs are recorded in our dashboard, of course.

And how often do you guys pay out? Might ditch Airpush for you.

It’s at least worth a try :slight_smile:

We pay net 10. Always.
As for weekly payments, we do that as well, once you reach $2,500.

Daily or monthly 2,5k $ ?

When you reach $2.5K - it becomes weekly. To be more accurate - we pay within 7 days of reaching $2,500. The only thing you have to do is ping us.

So every week we have to ping you if we reach $2,500?

No. If your average weekly revenue is above $2.5K, it will be aotumatic. But for the first time, until your revenues reach that point - yes. You have to ping me.

20000 installs is a serious number, so is $2000. But that promo is not going to help 99% of the developers here, the promo you guys had last month was better.just my 2 cents

any promo is a good promo, because of this promo AppNext is now relevant and in my mind. I am thinking about including AppNext in all my apps, not as a trial, but as a sole ad partner.

very tempting especially when ecpms are dropping like cray cray all over the place

I wasn’t expect this promotion , especially after January :slight_smile: . I got January promotion and i think i will get February too :slight_smile: . But i can’t see download numbers on dashboard . Send private message , hope to get info .

Waiting for March promotion :slight_smile:

it’s the Installs number you’re searching for in your dashboard. The promotion is not for the number of times your app gets downloaded, but for the number of installs the ads in your app generate :slight_smile:

Ohhh . I didn’t understand clearly , i was thinking my app download number , thanks for notify . So it is hard to reach that bonus , i cant reach:(