Featured by Amazon...

Hi guys,
this morning I get an email from Amazon and they told me they featured my game.
I can see here:

In section “Popular Games for Android” on page 2.

Do you know if this will give downloads boost like Google Play?
Actually I don’t see any difference.
Is it because Amazon is US only and they are not awake yet or my game is so bad that it doesn’t care to get featured?

Anyway I’m happy they like it :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes and congratulations. I think you can get a lot of downloads but onoy from USA when they are awake - I have got about 1000 a day once being high on their lists somewhere. But right now I get max. 40.

Hi Magnesus,
I can see my game on website but not on AppStore.
I installed it on my phone but it’s very slow and I can’t see where featured apps/games are.
Do you know it?
Anyway no differences from admob. Today seems even worst :frowning:

I thought Admob eCPM has been doing pretty well last one (Others on the forum confirmed too)

Hi chrisdaniel0421,
I’m not talking about eCPM but number of active users.
I don’t see any downloads boost. :frowning:

Well done, megasoft78!

BTW, did getting featured on Google’s Friday Games Review help your downloads?

Hi gigabreakfast,
I get reviewed by The Friday Games Review but not featured. It didn’t help the downloads :frowning:
Anyone knows where are placed featured games on Amazon AppStore market?
I can see my game on website but not on the market.
I think just on website is pretty useless.

Hi guys,
I checked now my downloads from Amazon AppStore yesterday!
3 downloads, Amazing!
I probably get more downloads writing this post or talking with a friend.
If this is the result of get featured by Amazon I think it’s a waste of time.
Why should they featured a game and don’t put at the top of their Android market like on Google Play?
What’s the point of that?

I would contact Amazon about it and ask what is happening. They always respond, so you (and we) might learn something.

Hi Magnesus,
I already sent an email yesterday afternoon and this morning but no reply yet. I hope to have an answer before the feature week ends.

Hi guys,
unfortunally it seems get featured by Amazon AppStore is not so useful to improve downloads.
I checked on internet and I asked to a developer get featured on July and they report the same issue.
Here the link (check the comments):

Yeah the main focus at amazon right now is expanding their developer reach, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were gaming a bit to make more featured slots online where they have more real estate.

My sense is that the Amazon is much more helpful for tablet sales based on the Kindle’s penetration rate as a percentage of total android tablets (~43%).

Well, but it doesn’t - I have mostly games designed for tablets and yet the number of downloads on Amazon is abysmal even for apps that do very, very good on Google Play. Although there also might be some problem with how they show compatibility of apps to users because I recently had an app shown as incompatible with my Transformer on Amazon while Amazon claimed it was - they are checking it now.

Hi guys,
I posted this on my blog:

If anyone want to reply.
I contacted Amazon again today and I hope this time they will reply.


Amazon lately contacted us about featuring Bridge Constructor as free app of the day. Now they ask for promotional images. I’m eager to see what that brings. I’ve got the feeling that their FAotD promo mainly pushes their own shop because it makes people say “Let’s install Amazon app store.They have a free app every day”. I fear that after the promo day downloads of the games featured fall back to what they were before.

Yeah, that sucks, and that’s why I’ll never ever use amazon app store.

There was a report from someone who was features in the free app of the day promotion on Amazon. It gave him almost no additional sells afterwards, he’s got no money from Amazon for the promotion.