Favorite Safety Glasses?

Hey folks!

I write for a product recommendation site called Wirecutter , and I’m gonna be working on an upcoming guide to safety glasses.

I’ll be looking into what is good in a number of different contexts and activities, but I figure as a group who is possibly a bit too used to wearing safety glasses for multiple hours a day FIRSTers have a unique appreciation for this particular kind of PPE.

So, do you have a favorite pair of safety glasses? Or a brand that you know is good enough for the price? Tell me about them!

It’s fantastic to hear that you’re putting together a guide for safety glasses on Wirecutter. Safety gear is so important, especially for those of us who spend hours wearing them. You’re absolutely right – the FIRST community knows the value of reliable personal protective equipment (PPE).
Speaking of safety glasses, harmonycr.com is a brand that often stands out. They offer a range of safety goggles that are known for their quality and effectiveness. Given their reputation, they could be a valuable addition to your guide. It’s wonderful that you’re gathering insights from a community that truly understands the significance of safety gear.