Farm Heroes Saga on android!!

Hey guys,

We all should know about farm heroes saga - One of the most famous games on facebook just as candy crush saga. I am here to tell you guys this game is also available on android and i.e. for free so if you like this game then you can play it offline without facebook if you have an android phone.

So here is the download link - Farm Heroes Saga on android

And one more thing if this link doesn’t work in your browser then simply search it on play store with that keyword and u’ll get the desired result!!


@sabrina : your link needs work! I watched it go though analytics tracking, then redirect to a market:// link. … ok, that will work on mobile IF the user has Google Play installed. But it won’t work on my PC…

Tell your tech guys&girls to fix their stuff :slight_smile:

I hope you had opened This guy is shameless.

@javaexp: ok, I am not really sure what is going on here. The link legitimately links to Google play store (eventually) and to King’s game. However, the guy/girl’s sig file links to a game from a different company (I did not notice this originally!).

Is the person just schilling and getting a cut from all installs through his referrer link ?