FAN revenue before reviewing app

Hi all
I just integrated FAN into my app 3 days ago, but they haven’t asked me for the link to review yet. My app is already live on the playstore.

Surprisingly, all the impressions and revenues are already shown in my dashboard. Is it a bug? Can anyone explain?

If your app is showing live ads its mean they are approved. Not a bug.

It’s a bug that they are still asking for test ads (step2). The dashboard gets stuck there for me too. As long as you see revenue all are good.

It is not a bug if you see stat properly… Usually you are notified in your inbox(alerts) if the app is approved…

I believe it is a bug because I can see the stats properly, but no alert from Facebook at all including email. Till now, no alert and any email at all, but my revenue keeps growing.

And my app still stucks at the test ad step…

So does it mean they already approve the app?

If you see revenue, yes.

I have been in discussions with their support team for longer than 3 weeks.
I have kept sending test requests but the dashboard does not update and move to Step3. They have said they are looking into it, after I provided some screenshots.
However, sometimes they delay approval too. And I mean that the app is already live for 3 days and it doesnt produce revenue. It is quite annoying.

I have the same issue and one week waiting…

By the way i don’t see any link to mail directly to support just always i see generic answer support.

Whats the mail of direct support?


I use two different ways to contact them, so I end up with two different support members. This way I take advantage and get help twice :slight_smile:

One is, inside the dashboard, in Audience Network tab, I click at button “Need Help” next to create new placement.
The other way is this form>

Thank you :wink: