FAN Payment

Anyone get payment FAN yet?

Not yet. Used to be on 12th of every month then it got delayed to 15th last month. It has become worse this month. :frowning:

it is 20th now

They really screwed up with payments, from one of most reliable networks with payments to one most unreliable.
It’s very unprofessional since some companies perhaps depend on accuracy of payment to be able to pay taxes/wages on time.

Stil Not Yet Invoice today! dhaiz

Have not seen any network as good as Admob when it comes to pay on time.

Admob always pay by 22nd to 23rd of every month if weekends are not in between.

Fully agree on the above!

Payment generally occurs in the third week of the month for the previous month’s revenue. For example, revenue for January will be paid in the third week of February


third week of the month. still have few day in third week. Why complain ? just wait and get your money !

They re upgrading their system it seems I think delay is part of it

I just received remittance mail

Got it for me too. Delayed this month.

its not delayed they can pay until the 20th.

I received mine too! :slight_smile: