FAN new alert about ATLAS and cookies

[i]Today Audience Network is enhancing our ability to measure ad effectiveness in mobile apps. Advertisers are challenged with measuring the business value of mobile advertising. Our goal is to help mobile publishers get the credit they deserve for driving cross-device conversions. In order to provide better measurement, we will be setting Facebook and Atlas cookies in the mobile app’s WebView. For example, if you are playing a mobile app game that uses Audience Network to monetize, we will set Facebook and Atlas cookies in the app’s WebView upon launch in order to better track cross-device conversions.

This enhancement will be immediately available on Android in all countries except for the European Union. We are planning rollout to the 28 European Union countries sometime in September 2016. For iOS, this enhancement will be available in the next SDK release. As always, third-party apps that use Facebook’s technologies should comply with the Facebook Platform Policy, which includes disclosing data collection and obtaining adequate user consent to allow third parties to store and access cookies. You can learn more about how to obtain adequate user consent by reading our Cookie Consent Guide for Sites and Apps. Atlas is a people-based marketing solution and a subsidiary of Facebook.
my question is, what should we do with our current app in playstore ? do we need to update all of them ? or it will automatically show a user conset to our app without modifying the app ?