FAN is taking over the ad network industry

By the end 2019, it will dominate all ad formats and maybe even surpass admob:

If you plan to keep using ad networks in order to monetize your app, I suggest that you all start getting to know FAN. At this point, they are unstoppable.

The only problem with FAN is that their support is shit along with ****ed up policy rules and implementation… I hope they will improve it at some point…

FAN is piece of shit.

No support, retarded policies, retarded “features”, horrible fill rate, meh eCPM, getting banned because of their incompetent system yay!
Very unprofessional payment system

Greedy company who doesn’t give a shit about smaller(less than 1 mill impresions per month) companies

They not give a shit with more than 1mill impressions too :smiley: (but less than 2mill)
But for me fill rates, ecmp and payment system is good.

Agree everything else is shit as you described.

Is not true. I have never had a problem with them and their support were awesome because they helped me alot with a tax problem. Their policies seems fair to me and thanks to these policies they can guarantee an awesome ecpm. I must say that I’m using just the native ads with FAN + Admob as backfill and FAN have an ecpm 2-5 times bigger than admob. I don’t know about interstitials.
The volume of requests is about 150k for now (about 75k impressions satistified by FAN) and I’m getting 170$ from FAN and 15-20$ from Admob per day. I think they completely deserve the dominance of the market.

You are right - in Native Ads they are waaaay ahead of the market, and nobody can match their eCPM.
I totally understand the claims for bad support. it happens with big companies a lot. But their eCPM in tier 1 countries is unbeatable.

For my case it’s their eCPM in Tier 2-3 countries to be really unbeatable.

Agree everything else is shit as you described.

I have a new app and this is my stat with FAN

Audience is under 30k active users a month… What do you think?

I have a new app and this is my stat with FAN