FAN integration with eclipse

I am sure many of you must have integrated FAN in your apps.

Just now i found out that latest FAN sdk can not be integrated with ECLIPSE.

I have deleted my old FAN sdk and now i need it to be integrated with one of my old eclipse project.

Please either share the FAN old project or instructions to integrate with eclipse.

Thanks in advance.

I successfully integrated a last FB SDK 4.26 into the Eclipse project to meet the new FB requirement.
I converted AAR in Eclipse project, deleted dependencies on the latest library support and it worked!
Send me private message with email - I send you a ready-made projects (attachments for this forum have limitations)

I also did the following.

  • Renamed .AAR into .ZIP
  • Extracted it and added into eclipse projects.
  • While building it game 1kb .jar file which is surely nothing and cintains nothing and it did not work.
    Did i have to move the project to Android Studio just for integrating the FAN?

No. I already have working FB SDK projects for Eclipse - write to me

Thanks. I sent PM to you. please give some necessary pointers to go ahead with FAN integration in admob mediation.

Can you share the FB SDK library project for the eclipse brother?

try it requires only android support library 23.1.1 (compat) ? RGhost ? ???

You are sending spam and virus links in the private msg.

Are you alright?

What?? You asked for a link to SDK - I sent you.
I will no longer help you. Bye

Because of something my Antivirus took it as Virus and closed the page.
Anyways thanks for that.

I have already implementing the FAN ads in eclipse.

Actually no need to ad the FAN LIB project into the workspace.
We need to add the JARR files of FAN SDK and its mediation adapter into LIBS folder of the project and link into the build path.

How to get the JAR files?
Just rename the .ARR file into .ZIP and extract it. There will be the classes.jar file inside.
Rename it AudienceNetworkActivity.jar and FacebookAdpater.jar and add to the eclipse project.

Sorry for that.
I just disabled my Antivirus and now downloaded your zip file.
Which one is the LIB project? There are 2 folders inside “AudienceNetwork” and “FacebookSDK”

“FacebookSDK” requests “AudienceNetwork” - need to import both


Absolutely nothing. It was nowhere related to my implementation. Integration was all ok.
Only issue was with my facebook account. Some time ago i had added one more email id to it along with primary mail id. Just a experiment may be.
So may be that was the issue. I deleted the second email id and still it did not work.

Then i just changed my Facebook login which was associated to another new email id. I created fresh placement IDs in new Facebook and looged into facebook app with same ID in my phone.
And this time ad request was visible in the facebook Audiance Network → Apps section and “Send For Review” button was activated.
I clicked on it and its approved within 2 hours.

Thanks for your support.