FAN facebook audience network payout

Hi all
How i can activate audience network payout, Facebook request tax forms but im not a company an USA citizen please help me to activate

You need to upload W8-Ben form in your payout settings…

where to upload ? and can u give the link for W8-Ben ?



see that attachment, just fiddle in that area, you will get a link to w8ben, download it, print it, filled and sign it manually, then re scan it and then upload it in that area, if you fiddle in that part, you will see the upload button etc. good luck

but im not from usa can you give me an example of W8-Ben i dont know how to complete this form

That’s the point… W8-Ben is for non-USA citizens.

file-page1 - Copie.jpg i dont understand part II

  1. just fill it with your own country
  2. just skip it (leave it blank)

I don’t why but Audience Network not show on Android 6.0+( Galaxy S7 )

Hello, help me!
I can’t find my country in list when creating a company in payout.
How to can I fill payment information?


Thk for help