FAN ecpm middle east

Hello guys,
I’m about to implement Facebook audience on my apps and I want to ask if someone can give me some information about the ecpm and fill rate on middle east countries like Iran, India and Pakistan. I’m getting 0.02$ ecpm actually with avocarrot on these countries from many months which is a true shame. Would be nice to know also the ecpm from Vietnam
Thanks in advance

FAN performs best for Tier 1 countries.
Specifically USA for other countries the fill rate is really low as well the eCPM.

For Middle east I would simply go for Admob.

We have used FAN in some of ours apps if you are asking how we got this information.


use fan its better from avo, avo i shit now.

Thanks guys I implemented FAN yesterday… I can just say they are faaar more better.

most of the networks suck , there are only two big network you should you , FAN + backfilled by admob.
then sit back and relax

yeah you are right but sadly admob is not an option for me. I’m really enthusiast with FAN now. I can’t believe I was so stupid and lazy to stay with avo all this time (I was just thinking they are all the same). My stupidity and laziness make me lost thousands of dollars.