FAN April 2017 Payment

anyone received the money yet ?
i got the remittance mail on 20 April 2017, but till now 25 April 2017 GMT+7 no money received, there are lot extended holiday in my country too, maybe this is what happened ? any input ?

nobody care to share ?

I stopped using FAN because they simply rejected one of my apps with no reason and didn’t get my money(250 USD). I made an appeal, but received no answer.

its already 27 april 2017 and i still hasnt receieved any money on my account, FAN answer that they see no error and has process payment successfully, but my local bank also said there is no money sent from FB so far. i do not know what to do other than wait anymore. this has really getting so suck and **** up this month, FAN changing policy, google forcing to update child direct etc etc. **** APRIL 2017

I have received mine a few days ago

thanks for confirming. Up till today I still hasn’t receieved any money on my local bank account, i use wire transfer and this is the first time within 1 year of using FAN. so Im not sure what is the issue here, already sent ticket to FAN and they said the payment has been released successfully, I have go to my local bank, and they said no money coming from FAN yet, so I do not know who is to blame here.

I am at lost now, i have send another ticket to FAN asking about any proof to cross check with my local bank account and also advice about what should i do if within 14 working days the money still not appear and no rejection notice to both party. Still no answer from FAN yet.

May I know the ecpm of fan for Indian Traffic ??

ecpm for Indian Traffic 0.18$ (optimization for impression fees - fillrate is only 30%)

Which kind of ads are do you show? Maybe better to use a mediator instead one network. I never have had a problems with payouts. NET30 wire transfer always in time.

No payment received yet for me as of (6 May 2017 GMT+7). this is the first time in 1 year, that FAN payment took this long.
I believe 90% this issue is due to big FAN update on April 2017, so here is what happened to me :

  1. 07 April 2017, FAN give me warning and force me to update all my apps within 3 days
  2. 11 April 2017, Finish updating all my apps.
  3. 13 April 2017, FAN suspend some of my app (this apps under 1 FB app id/ still using old approval system)
  4. 14 April 2017, FAN Re-Approved all of my apps due to inadvertently flagging my app as suspended apps.
  5. 15 April 2017, Invoice mail Came
  6. 20 April 2017, Remittance mail came (and here I thought everything goes well)
  7. Up till today 6 May 2017, no payment received even though status is PAID in FAN dashboard and no app restricted
  8. Already sent ticket to FAN but still no reply the second time asking for payment proof MT103

and after i browse more in FAN dashboard in payment method->edit->account, I notice there is a message that “for security reason, if you change your financial details, your payment will be hold for 10 bank working days and then released after that”. After I read that i came to conclusion that somehow during 14 April 2017, fan removed and re-approved my apps thus perhaps I believe made the FAN system think I just edited my financial details thus flag my payment to be hold for 10 days.

I really hope this is what happened, wish me luck. if this is indeed the case the payment should come at most next Wednesday-Friday 10-12 May 2017 (GMT+7).
If not, i dunno what should i do, I just send them ticket again and hope they reply me which can take 2 days or 2 years for a reply. sucks !!!