FAN approval

I create Facebook Audience Network. I am using AerServ mediation and I divert some traffic to FAN network. I see incoming results on Audience Network dashboard but it doesn’t show banner on the app.
I see the below message.

When it is going to be approved?
Do I need to submit app or something else?

My apps are stored on Samsung store not on google play.

Ads Only Visible to Admins and Developers
You’re currently testing your Facebook ad placements, so only the administrators and developers of this app or mobile website will see Facebook ads. Once your app or site serves 5 ads, we’ll check that it complies with our policies, which may take a few business days. When your placements are approved, we’ll let you know and automatically start showing ads to every

same here. daily ad requests are going to FAN but because of this approval issue, no ads are served.
actually there should be a button where they will ask for the url for the app so that their admin can check the app but that button is not coming up for me and seeing the same message as you.

I really don’t understand approval logic. Why they force to enter gplay url? why they force us to publish app for before approval? I think it will take weeks.

1 week waiting for the approval of the advertisements in several of my apps, it is shame that a company like Facebook have to be so, it’s ridiculous.

I got an invoice for my approved apps yesterday with earnings $61. Does anybody know is there some reply that I have to send for this invoice back to FAN?

No, you don’t need to give any reply to them.they send you the money on 15th of each month though you get the invoice few days before…