FAN Ads Quality Check

Hello guys,
First of all, I want to ask: Do you have found some other forum as good as this one used to be some years ago? Still searching passively for a good place to share and read things…

Secondly, I want to ask a question about the Facebook Audience Network:

About 15 days ago they started the “Quality check” program for ads implementation and in my case, it is showing that some of my apps successfully pass the quality check while others don’t, even if they are almost identically implemented. I’m trying to change little things on the ads design to see the effect they have on the quality check but I need more tests. In the mean time I want you to share your thoughts and experience on this new thing. Do you really believe they will just turn off ads serving on all “low quality” placements? I respect their rules carefuly and if still some of my native ads do not pass the quality check, I’m pretty sure that at least 30-40% of worldwide FAN native ads wont pass it either. Will they just cut off 30-40% of revenue?

No other website is remotely as rich as this one was.
I am also looking, but nothing yet,
What I recently did was download tapatalk for android and search for word Android. There’s plenty of forums but no time to check them properly at the moment :frowning:
As fas as FAN is concerned, my apps also get quality check and seems a 95% of them went through without problems. One was blocked for some weird reason.