FAN Ads Issue for new app:- Not started - please send an ad request

I have below status for my new app for last 2 days. I followed all the necessary things to be eligible for Review, but all is in the vain.
Not started - please send an ad request

  • I have logged into the Facebook app with admin ID and using the real device, not any simulator.
  • I am able to see the Test FAN ads on my app.
  • My App is Live on the Google store.
  • I can see multiple ad requests received in Facebook developer console in Audience Network → Performance → Details section
  • Integrating it in eclipse and will use it in Admob mediation.

Still my Send For Review button is Grey and not activated without which i can not send it for review.
I tried their Audience Network Requests Debugger tool and started it to receive the requests. But nothing happening.

Please share your thoughts OR tell me which forum all you people are using these days !!!

I think the problem may be with your Admin account. When logged in with Admin account on a real device, you will see Real FAN ads (not Test Ads)

I am logged into Facebook app on my phone with admin ID and i am 100% sure.

I want to know one thing that in order to get the Real Ads and get “Send For Review” button activated do i need to Submit the app first for the review in Facebook?
I have not submitted the App in “App Review” page because there are so many Items under “Add Items” dropdown.

Moreover my app is already LIVE on the Google Store.

Have you Submitted your App on facebook developer first and then “Send For Review” button activated for you in “PRODUCTS –> Audience Network –> Apps” section ?

I have attached the screenshots for better understanding on this. Please have a look.

“App Review” page is not related to Audience Network. Don’t do anything there.

The Facebook App on your phone, is exactly the same user/password you use to log in Facebook on your computer?

Which version of FAN SDK are you using? try to check the logcat too. I remember that some months ago I wasn’t able to send a new App because it was required to do so with the latest SDK available (not an older one)

  • Yes, “Facebook App on my phone” and “Facebook on my computer” are using exactly same user/password
  • 4.26 is the latest version of the FAN SDK and its mediation adapter and i am using the same.
  • Logcat is showing that facebook adapter is intialized and test ad is delivered. Still “Send For Review” button is NOT activated

More important is that i am receiving Test Ads on my phone and i can see that facebook is also receiving the ads requests.
I can check that in PRODUCTS –> Audience Network –> Performance –> Details section.

I have attached the screenshot of that page in my previous post.

Download the FAN sample project for AS. Change placement ID with your own and also the applicationId to your own package name. Run the app on your phone.

Please check Apps tab in audience network dropdown …You have to add your app there and click submit for review…

Yes, you are right. I have not submitted the App for Review till now because i thought its not related to the ads.
@tacchan23 told me in this thread that
“App Review” page is not related to the Audience Network. Don’t do anything there.

Moreover before submitting the app for review we need to add some items given under “Add Items” button.
Those items are facebook specific and i am not sure what to add there.
I have attached a screenshot of that in this post. Could you please have a look and let me know what all Items need to be added before submitting the app for the Review?
I will surely try this last trick in order to get the real ads.

I have one more doubt on FAN ads. Do we need to test the FAN ads without trying any mediation first?
I am trying it first time directly via admob mediation. I added the FAN SDK and its adapter in the eclipse project and stated getting the Test ads straight away. But no luck with Real Ads.
Do you suggest me to try the FAN Real ads without mediation first and call FAN SDK functions in my eclipse as we do it for admob?

Can you share either of yours hangout/skype for brief chat please?

Just now i checked my logcat and Its giving me error in logcat saying NO FILL While trying for REAL FAN ads.
Its showing me Test Ads properly When i am adding code AdSettings.addTestDevice(“15b855e3c125cccbf00d1a7b3f3335f7”);
Here is my test code.

package my_package;

import android.content.Context;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.LinearLayout;
import android.widget.Toast;


public class TestActivity extends Activity

//protected AdView adView;
protected AdView BannerAdView;
AdRequest BannerAdRequest;

private AdView adView;
public void testFanAds()
// Instantiate an AdView view
adView = new AdView(myCont, “MY_PLACEMENT_ID_HERE”, AdSize.BANNER_HEIGHT_50);

    // Find the Ad Container
    LinearLayout adContainer = (LinearLayout) findViewById(;
    // Add the ad view to your activity layout
    //Calling Listener
    adView.setAdListener(new AdListener() {
        public void onError(Ad ad, AdError adError) {
          // Ad error callback
          Toast.makeText(myCont, "Error: " + adError.getErrorMessage(),
        public void onAdLoaded(Ad ad) {
          // Ad loaded callback
      	  Toast.makeText(myCont, "onAdLoaded", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
        public void onAdClicked(Ad ad) {
          // Ad clicked callback
      	  Toast.makeText(myCont, "onAdClicked", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
        public void onLoggingImpression(Ad ad) {
          // Ad impression logged callback
      	  Toast.makeText(myCont, "onLoggingImpression", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
    //For Test Ads
    // Request an ad


Context myCont;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
myCont = this;

  //FAN Banner ads


protected void onDestroy() {
if (adView != null) {







Absolutely nothing. It was nowhere related to my implementation. Integration was all ok.
Only issue was with my facebook account. Some time ago i had added one more email id to it along with primary mail id. Just a experiment may be.
So may be that was the issue. I deleted the second email id and still it did not work.

Then i just changed my Facebook login which was associated to another new email id. I created fresh placement IDs in new Facebook and looged into facebook app with same ID in my phone.
And this time ad request was visible in the facebook Audiance Network → Apps section and “Send For Review” button was activated.
I clicked on it and its approved within 2 hours.

Thanks for your support.